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Applicants should carefully determine the application type for which they are seeking approval.

Applications submitted with incorrect information will have to be resubmitted, which may result in processing delays and additional charges.

Residential real estate

If you would like to apply for foreign investment approval for:

  • A new dwelling
  • Vacant residential land
  • A second hand or established dwelling
  • An exemption certificate for established dwellings

Other investment


If you would like to apply for foreign investment approval for:

  • Commercial land – previously commercial real estate
  • Agricultural land
  • An Agreement or Constituent documents
  • Assets
  • An exemption certificate for new dwellings – previously advance off the plan certificate
  • An exemption certificate for land – previously annual programme
  • An exemption certificate for underwriting of securities in an entity
  • A new business
  • Reorganisations
  • Securities in an entity

When lodging business related applications information and checklists to assist with your submission can be found on the Business investment page.

Please DO NOT use this form to apply for foreign investment approval for residential real estate. Using the incorrect form may result in processing delays.