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Applicants should carefully determine the application type for which they are seeking approval.

Applications submitted with incorrect information will have to be resubmitted, which may result in processing delays and additional charges.

Please note : With effect from 1 January 2021, the temporary $0 monetary screening thresholds that were introduced in response to the coronavirus outbreak were removed. However, investments that may raise national security concerns will continue to be subject to the $0 monetary threshold or may be called-in for review. Please refer to Guidance Note 8 for more details on national security investments, including when mandatory notification is required and when voluntary notification is encouraged. For all other investments please refer to the relevant monetary thresholds to determine if you need to apply for foreign investment approval (see Guidance Note 2).

Residential real estate investments

If you would like to apply for foreign investment approval for:

  • A new dwelling
  • Vacant residential land
  • A second hand or established dwelling
  • An exemption certificate for residential investment
  • A New or Near New Dwelling Exemption Certificate (developers only)

Apply using the Australian Taxation Office's foreign investment application form.

If these applications include notifiable or reviewable national security actions please apply using the link under ‘All other investments’.

Other investment

If you would like to apply for foreign investment approval for:

  • Commercial land 
  • Agricultural land
  • An Agreement or Constituent documents
  • Assets
  • An exemption certificate for land
  • An exemption certificate for businesses and entities
  • A new business
  • Reorganisations
  • Securities in an entity
  • A national security business
  • National security land

Quick reference guides are available to assist you to perform functions in the FIRB Application Portal.

Please DO NOT use this form to apply for foreign investment approval for residential real estate, unless it involves national security. Using the incorrect form may result in processing delays.

Treasury investor portal changes

The investor portal has been updated to align with legislative changes. View portal changes.

Apply now through the FIRB Application Portal

Fee estimation

The Fee Estimator is currently unavailable while it is updated to reflect the updated legislation and regulations. Investors wishing to estimate fees prior to submission should refer to the Fees guidance note below.

Guidance notes

A series of guidance notes have been developed to assist investors with understanding how to invest, and their obligations once approval has been granted. These guidance notes fall into four categories:  Pre-acquisition applications, Approval conditions, Compliance and General.

For new investors, the following guidance notes may be of particular interest:

ID Title Download
8 National Security Word download223.22 KB
PDF download996.34 KB
10 Fees Word download925.93 KB
PDF download1.42 MB
15 Transitional Word download911.87 KB
PDF download930.85 KB