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Foreign persons are required to pay a fee for each application made, or notice given under the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (the Act). The fee for a notice or application will generally depend on the value and kind of action that has been taken or is proposed to be taken.

Fees are generally payable at the time an application or notice is lodged. For most applications, the statutory timeframe of 30 days for deciding on an application or notification will not start until the correct fee has been paid. 

Please note, fee amounts included in this Guidance Note incorporate the new fee structure that commenced on 29 July 2022.

Within this guidance note you will find further information on fees and the topics below:

  • When does a fee apply and how is it paid?
  • How much are the fees
  • Adjusting fees and lower fee rules
  • Fees for exemption certificates, retrospective applications, and variations
  • Specific guidance on fees for residential land
  • Determining the ‘kind of action’ taken
  • Internal reorganisations
  • Indexation of fees
  • Fee waivers and remissions
  • Schedule of fees for single actions and exemption certificates