Key Concepts

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Please note : With effect from 1 January 2021, the temporary $0 monetary screening thresholds that were introduced in response to the coronavirus outbreak were removed. However, investments that may raise national security concerns will continue to be subject to the $0 monetary threshold or may be called-in for review. Please refer to Guidance Note 8 for more details on national security investments, including when mandatory notification is required and when voluntary notification is encouraged. For all other investments please refer to the relevant monetary thresholds to determine if you need to apply for foreign investment approval (see below).

Threshold values – land proposals

Investor Action Threshold – more than:
All investors Residential land $0
Vacant commercial land $0
National security land $0
Private investors from certain FTA partners[1] Agricultural land For Chile, New Zealand and United States of America, $1,216 million
Others, $15 million (cumulative)
Developed commercial land $1,216 million[2]
Mining and production tenements For Chile, New Zealand and United States of America, $1,216 million
Others, $0
Private investors not from a certain FTA partner Agricultural land For Thailand, where land is used wholly and exclusively for a primary production business $50 million (otherwise the land is not agricultural land)
Others, $15 million (cumulative)
Developed commercial land $281 million
Where the land is sensitive[3], $61 million
Mining and production tenements $0
Foreign government investors Any interests in land $0

[1] The certain FTA partners are: Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, and any other countries not otherwise listed (other than Australia) for which the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans‑Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), done at Santiago on 8 March 2018, is in force.

[2] For Hong Kong and Peruvian investors however, where developed commercial land is also sensitive land (see section 52(6) of the Regulation), a threshold of $61 million will apply.

[3] Sensitive developed commercial land (see section 52(6) of the FATR), includes mines and critical infrastructure (for example, an airport or port).