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Reporting to the Foreign Investment Review Board

If reporting is required to FIRB under the conditions of a foreign investment approval, or for any other reasons, reports should be provided as follows.

Business or non-residential real estate

Reports should be provided to, and should clearly indicate the foreign investment approval number.

Reports on compliance with any tax conditions should have regard to the template in the guidance note on tax conditions [GN47].

Reports on Exemption Certificates should be collated in the Exemption Certificate Report.

Residential Real Estate

Complete the Land Registration form if:

  • you have purchased a property
  • you have sold your property or
  • there is a change in your ‘foreign person’ status (for example, you obtained citizenship or are now a permanent resident)

New Dwelling Exemption Certificates – Developer Reporting

Collate your report, which includes all of the information requested in the New Dwelling Exemption Certificate Report, and send to:

Pre-1 December 2015 advanced-off-the-plan reports should continue to be provided to